Vi annoncerer de to sidste FANTASTISKE talere til vores konference

Vi har lige annonceret de 2 sidste FANTASTISKE talere til vores internationale konference om arbejdsglæde i maj. Vi glæder os HELT VILDT til dagene :)

Camilla Kring: Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Camilla Kring has a PhD in Work-Life Balance and as owner of Super Navigators, makes workplaces happier by increasing the Work-Life Balance of their employees.

She will show how flexibility is among the keys to well-being, and management must have the courage to address the flexibility of their company’s work culture because culture determines whether employees have the courage to make use of flexibility.

The first step is to set people free from 9-5 and that work is something that only can take place at the office. Work is not a place – it’s an ongoing activity. Second, focus more on results and less on visibility. Third, give people the tools to improve their individual Work-Life Balance.

Arnaud Collery: Storytelling and improvisation

Arnaud is an award winning Comedian and filmmaker (NBC’s last comic standing, MTV, Fuji TV, Comedy store, Little Klaus Big World – Best comedy film Monaco Film Festival 2012). He has coached numerous CEOs in myriad industries. He’s worked with clients like Cartier, Chanel, United Nations, Novartis, Axa, L’Oreal, BMW and Renault Trucks.

In his workshop Arnaud will show how we can find even more happiness in our careers, by understanding, owning and reframing our own stories. He will help you to build stronger, deeper and more relaxed relationships with your team and all those around you.

The workshop will be fun and fast-paced and based on techniques from storytelling and improvisational theatre.

Se hele programmet og køb dine billetter her.

Skrevet af alexander

Alexander stiftede Arbejdsglæde nu i 2003 og er en af verdens førende eksperter i emnet. Han har skrevet 5 bøger om arbejdsglæde og holdt hundredevis af foredrag i næsten 50 lande.

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